The communications and media industry is a competitive career environment. In an ever changing digital landscape, are you having trouble keeping up and getting honest answers about the field?

I am here to help you get your career on track. Navigating the waters when you’re starting a career can be hard, as can the transition between school and the business world. Drawing on my own experience, I will tell young professionals about what maintaining a media career is like, what you should know before you start, how to craft a resume that will get noticed, and more. With the right information, you’ll be better prepared to pursue your career.

On my “Lessons from the Newsroom” blog, I share advice on networking with professionals, using social media, making the most of internships, and developing a range of skills to help you prevail on the job market.

Want my help? I work with you one-on-one as a career adviser to help plan out and prepare you for a communications career. To the best of my ability, I’ll tell the truth and share the things I wish someone had told me—and should be telling you but probably aren’t—before starting a media career.

Interested? Email me and we’ll make a plan!

– Lisa Granshaw

Not only did I learn production skills, but also took away some useful career lessons from my time with Lisa…The news industry can often be a stressful environment, but you would never know when Lisa was stressed! She not only taught me how to be cool, calm, and collected under tight deadlines, but also how to manage my time wisely.
Anna Payansocial media correspondent at "The Bill Cunningham Show"