In my post about using Twitter for networking last week, I briefly mentioned taking part in Twitter chats. There are many different chats out there that you can join. However if you want to see what current journalists are talking about in regards to the industry, there are three chats in particular that may interest you.

1. #journchat

This chat takes place every Monday at 8pm ET and was one of the first to talk about the industry. It was started by digital correspondent Sarah Evans and is a good weekly chat for journalists, bloggers, and PR experts.

2. #wjchat

You’ll find this chat taking place on Wednesdays at 8pm ET. It focuses on web journalism and covers a range of topics from content to ethics. This chat is a great resource for anyone who is a web journalist or would like to become one.

3. #muckedup

This is a fairly new chat that’s aimed at bringing together journalists and PR experts. It’s become pretty popular with many interesting people taking part in the discussions that cover a wide range of media issues.

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